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Department of Sociology Graduate Students

Jordan Burke


M.A. Sociology, Idaho State University, 2016
B.A. Sociology, University of New Mexico, 2014


Environmental Sociology, Social Stratification, Globalization, War and Conflict, Research Methods, Social Statistics

Research Interests:

My research interests are largely concerned with pro-environmental behavior in relation to role identities, social constraints, and the development of more inclusive and valid measures of pro-environmental behavior. My past research has focused on agricultural socio-ecological system interactions, including pro-environmental land management practices and climate change perceptions among farmers. In the future, I hope to study public awareness, perception, and attitudes regarding military proliferation and environmental impact.

Selected Presentations:

2016 “Idaho Farmers’ Perceptions of their Role in Food Production: A Narrative Analysis.” Pacific Sociological Association. March 30-April 2 Oakland, CA.

2015 “Ecosystem Services and Idaho’s Farmers” (poster presentation). Idaho NSF EPSCoR Annual Conference. October 28-30 Boise, ID.

2015 “Sexual Constraint Theory and Violence: An Evaluation of Moral Authority.” Pacific Sociological Association. April 1-4 Long Beach, CA.


Running, Katrina, Jordan Burke, and Kathleen Shipley. Forthcoming. “Perceptions of Environmental Change and Climate Concern among Idaho’s Farmers.” Society & Natural Resources.

Manuscripts Under Review:

Burke, Jordan, and Katrina Running. “The Farming Identity and Role Expectations: Using Social Identity Principles to Investigate Pro-Environmental Behavior Among Farmers.” Under Review.

Burke, Jordan. “Marcuse and Repressive Desublimation: The Case of Commodified Kink.” Under Review.