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Department of Sociology Butterman, Olivia

B.S. Psychology – University of Evansville, 2017


Environmental sociology, climate change opinion development, voluntourism, disaster sociology

Research Interest

My three main research interests are all broadly encompassed under environmental sociology. I am interested in how one’s political orientation, religious beliefs, and cultural orientation can influence whether an individual is pro-environmental or not.
Additionally, I am interested in how climate change has increasingly more impacts on small communities in less developed countries and how this affects the types and amount of voluntourism that occurs there. I want to look at the effects it has on the individuals that are receiving the aid. Plus, I want to understand why the individuals who are choosing to voluntour make that decision and how the experience of voluntouring affects them.
Lastly, I want to explore disaster sociology and see how climate change continues to create more intense storm systems and how this affects those hard-hit communities. After they have experienced these storm systems I would like to assess their attitudes towards future pro-environmental behavior and their opinions about climate change.


Office: Wilson-Short 245

Cirriculum Vitae