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Department of Sociology Certificate
Sustainable Organizational Leadership Certificate

Students pursuing the Sustainable Organizational Leadership Certificate are required to take 15 hours of Sociology and/or Business coursework and must maintain a C average. The 15 hours includes three required courses and two additional Sociology and/or Business courses.

  • MGMT 301: Principles of Management and Organization
  • SOC 332: Sustainability in Society
  • SOC 340: Social Inequality
  • 6 hours of Sociology and/or Business electives
    • SOC 335 Shopping and Society
    • SOC 336 Sociology of Food
    • SOC 430 Society and Technology
    • SOC 474 Social Movements and Entrepreneurship
    • HBM 381[M] Hospitality Leadership and Organization Behavior
    • MGMT 401 [M] Leading People and Organizations
    • MGMT 483 [M] Management of Innovation and Change
    • MGMT 487 Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility