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Department of Sociology Faculty

Dylan Bugden

Boeing Distinguished Assistant Professor in Environmental Sociology

Ph.D., Cornell University, 2019


Environmental sociology, energy, contentious environmental politics, environmental inequality

Research Interests

My research engages the general issue of environmental conflict (e.g., social movements, electoral politics, locally unwanted land uses) with a focus on energy resources and infrastructure. I also study the unequal distribution of environmental goods and bads, particularly as they intersect with public conflicts. My previous work has dealt with smart energy infrastructure, hydraulic fracturing (i.e. “fracking”), and conflicts over sense of place. My ongoing work addresses the relationship between climate protest and partisan polarization, rural energy transitions, smart meter deployment, and the community impacts of high-energy digital technologies such as cryptocurrency. While these represent my core interests, I am broadly interested in environmental sociology and enjoy working with students on any topic within the subdiscipline.

Selected Publications

Bugden, D., Stedman, R. (2019). “Sense of place and behavior: the role of accessibility.” Journal of Environmental Psychology.

Greenberg, P., Bugden, D. (2019). “Community and Regulatory Responses to Cryptocurrency Mining in Bitcoin Boomtowns.” Energy Research and Social Science.

Bugden, D., Stedman, R. (2018). “A synthetic view of acceptance and engagement with smart meters in the United States.” Energy Research and Social Science.

Bugden, D., Stedman, R. (2018). “Rural landowners, energy leasing, and patterns of risk and inequality in the shale gas industry” Rural Sociology.

Jacquet, J., Junod, A., Bugden, D., Wildermuth, G., Fergen, J., Fershee, J., Schafft, K., Brasier, K., Glenna, L., Hagley, P., Stedman, R., Kay, D., Kelsey, T. (2018). “A decade of Marcellus shale: impacts to people, policy, and culture from 2007 to 2017 in the greater Mid-Atlantic region of the United States” The Extractive Industries and Society.

Dylan Bugden.


Office: Wilson 249

Phone: 509-335-8927

Curriculum Vitae

SOC 532 Syllabus