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Department of Sociology Current Courses


Graduate seminars are important building blocks for gaining expert knowledge in sociology and developing critical career skills. Each semester, the department offers several topical seminars and an advanced methods or analytic techniques course. Seminars rotate through the Department’s areas of training expertise on a three-year cycle to enhance graduate training and increase predictability.

Our current multi-year graduate seminar rotation is scheduled from fall 2019 to spring 2022. The WSU Pullman campus schedule of classes contains additional details about upcoming sociology graduate (and undergraduate) courses. The full list of sociology courses at the Pullman Campus can be found in the WSU Catalog. Graduate courses are numbered between 500 and 800.


Links to all Current and Upcoming Sociology Courses can be found on this page

Spring 2019
SOC 520 Sociological Methods and Techniques
SOC 521 Regression Models
SOC 523 Qualitative Methods Practicum
SOC 574 Labor Markets
SOC 591 Sociology of Profession
SOC 593 Special Topics: Social Movements

Fall 2019 (Projected)
SOC 542 Stratification
SOC 522 Advanced Analytic Techniques (Multilevel Modeling)
SOC 511 Data Management
SOC 517 Theory
SOC 591 Professionalism