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Department of Sociology Graduate Student Accomplishments

Graduate Student Publications

Allen, E. and Mindy S. Bradley. 2018. “Perceptions of Harm, Criminality, and Law Enforcement Response: Comparing Violence by Men Against Women and Violence by Women Against Men.” Victims and Offenders 13(3):373-389. DOI:

Kennedy, E. & D. Hauslik. Forthcoming, 2018. “The Practice of Green Consumption” In Environment and Society: Concepts and Challenges edited by Magnus Bostrom and Debra Davidson. New York. Palgrave.

Lindstedt, Nathan C.
2018. “Shifting Frames: Collective Action Framing from a Dialogic and Relational perspective.” Sociology Compass. doi:10.1111/soc4.12548

Reshetnikov, Aleksey,
Elizabeth Bogumil, Moshoula Capous-Desyllas, and Patricia Lara. 2018. “Minding the Maps: Using Visual Mapping Methodology to Analyze the Interconnections of Non-profit Organizations in Los Angeles.” Creating Social Change Through Creativity Anthology.

Running, Katrina, Jordan Burke and Kathleen Shipley. 2017 “Perceptions of Environmental Change and Climate Concern Among Idaho Farmers.” Society and Natural Resources 30(6): 659-673

Greenberg, Pierce
. 2017. “Disproportionality and Resource-Based Environmental Inequality: An Analysis of Neighborhood Proximity to Coal Impoundments in Appalachia.” Rural Sociology. 82(1): 149-178

Hammond, Jacobs Wayne
and Eric Micheal Allen. 2017. “Valuing Failure: An Avenue to Deep Learning?” Teaching/Learning Matters, 46(3): 10-11.

McKee, Adam.
2017. “gay Men and Fatherhood: Doing Gender, Queering Gender, and the Package Deal.” Sociology Compass, 11(7): 1-11.

Caudell, Mark, Marsha Quinlan, Murugan Subbiah, Douglas Call, Casey Roulette, Jennifer Roulette, Adam Roth, Louis Matthews, and Robert Quinlan. 2017. “Antimicrobial Use and Veterinary Care among Agro-pastoralist in Northern Tanzania.” PLoS One 1291):e0170328

Greenberg, Pierce. 2016. “Strengthening Sociological Research through Public Records Requests.” Social Currents

Rakowski, Kyle
(2016) “Alienation and Identity Maintenance in Quasi-Total Institutions.” The Journal for Undergraduate Ethnography, 6(1):17-31

Frickel, Scott, Rebekah Torcasso, Annika Anderson. 2015. “The Organization of Expert Activism: Shadow Mobilization in Two Social Movements.” Mobilization.
Kennedy, Emily Huddart and Liz Dzialo. 2015. “Locating Gender in Environmental Sociology.” Sociology Compass 9(10):920-929.

Smith, Chad L., Gregory Hooks, and Michael Lengefeld. 2014.“The War on Drugs in Colombia: The Environment, The Treadmill of Destruction and Risk-Transfer Militarism.” Journal of World Systems Research. 20(2): 185-206.


Colby, Ashely and Emily Huddart Kennedy. “Extension of What and to Whom? A Qualitative Study of Self-Provisioning Service Delivery in a University Extension Program.” Advances in Medical Sociology. V. 18. Food Systems and Health


Horne, Christine, Brice Darras, Elyse Bean, Anurag Srivistava, and Scott Frickel. “Privacy Norms and the Smart Grid.” Social Science Research.

Scott, Lauren and Erik W. Johnson. ‘From Fringe to Core? The Integration of Environmental Sociology.” Environmental Sociology. 3(1): 17-19

Graduate Student Presentations

American Sociological Association


Roth, Adam.
“Social Capital in Academia: Community Detection as Network Closure.” Paper presentation (scheduled)

Bai, Yikang.
“A Network Analysis of International Trade in Plastic Waste” Roundtable presentation at the section on Environment and Technology

Beltz, Lindsey. “County-level Variation in Support for Medical and Recreational Cannabis on the Ballot.” Roundtable presentation for the section on Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco.

Greenberg, Pierce.
“Policy and Research Workshop: Rethinking Data Collection with Public Records Requests: Perspectives from the U.S. and Canada.”

Greenberg, Pierce.
“Translating Sociological Methods to Marketable Skills: Practical Advice for Professionalization in Undergraduate Methods Instruction.”

Inlow, Alana.
“The Criminalization of Environmental Harm: A study of the most serious environmental offenses identified by the EPA and prosecuted by the DOJ, 1983-2010.” Roundtable presentation for the Section on Environment and Technology

Li, Xiao
. “Rural-non-rual differences in the Motherhood Wage Penalty.”

Reshetnikov, Aleksey
“Unmasking the Self: An Ethnographic Examination of Role Identity and Performance in Cosplay.”

Reshetnikov, Aleksey
“Pathways to Service: Using Visual Mapping Methodology and Installation Art to Understand and Represent Barriers and Access to Services of Non-profit Organizations in Los Angeles.”

Roth, Adam R.
“Mobility Across the Academic Life Course.” Rountable session

Scott, Lauren.
“Managing Risk in the Transition to Smart Grid.”

Akers, Sarah
“A Measurement Model for Traditional gender Beliefs Using the General Social Survey” Roundtable presentation.

Greenberg, Pierce. “Incorporating Public Records Requests Into Social Movements Research: Potential Applications in Mixed Methods Studies.”

Inlow, Alana.
“Neighborhood Destabilization, Foreclosure, and Crime in Portland, Oregon.” Roundtable presentation for the Crime, Law, and Deviance section.

Li, Xiao.
“Rural-non-rural differences in the effects of family factors on students’ college expectations.”

Lindstedt, Nathan.
“The Mobilizing Effect of Resources and Threat: A Mixed Model Analysis of the occupy Movement.”

McKee, Adam.
“Gay Men and Fatherhood: Doing Gender, Queering Gender, and the Package Deal” Section on the Sociology of the Family Paper Session. Reproduction/Parenthood and Families)

Morton, Sarah.
“Understanding Gendered Risk-Taking In the Academic Dual-Hiring Process in STEM and Non-STEM Disciplines.” Regular session in the Sociology of Higher Education.

Morton, Sarah.
“Risk-Taking in the Academic Dual-Hiring Process: How Risk Shapes Work Experiences.” Roundtable in Organizations, Occupations and Work

Scott, Lauren.
“From Fringe to Core? The Integration of Environmental Sociology.

Colby, Ashley.
“Structures and Meanings in Subsistence Food Production.” Presented at the Science, Knowledge and Technology section.

Greenberg, Pierce.
“Resource-Based Environmental Inequality in Appalachia: A Case Study of Coal Waste Impoundments.”


Pacific Sociological Association

Beltz, Lindsey. “Comparing Women’s and Men’s Trends in Drunk Driving in the United States across Official and Unofficial Data, 1982-2016.

Dahlem, Jonathan.
” The Social Construction of Ocean-space and Sea Level Rise Policy in Aberdeen and Bainbridge Island, Washington. “

Beltz, Lindsey. “County-Level Variation in Support for Medical and Recreational Cannabis on the Ballot.” Paper presentation.

Burke, Jordan
“The Farming Identity and Role Expectations: Using Social Identity Principles to Investigate Pro-Environmental Behavior among Farmers.”

Hammonds, Jacobs.
“Power and Politics in the (Work-Life) Balance: A Mixed Methods Evaluation of the Risks and Rewards of Downshifting.”

Hauslik, Darcy.
“Practicing Sustainable Consumption: An Analysis of Thrift Store Shopping in Washington State.”

McKee, Adam.
“Gay Men and Fatherhood:Doing Gender, Queering Gender, and the Package Deal” Formal Paper Sessions for Intimate Relationships, Families, and Reproductive Politics: Patterns of Parenting.

Davaran, Ardava, Thomas Rotolo, and Adam R. Roth. “The Hidden Corporate Structure of Sports: A Social Network Analysis of U.S. Professionals Football and Basketball Leagues.”

Allen, Eric. and Mindy S. Bradley “The Effects of Respondent, Victim, and Perpetrator Gender on Perceptions of Intimate Partner Violence Criminality and Harm.”Paper Presentation.

Burke, Jordan
“Idaho Farmers’ Perceptions of their Role in Food Production: A Narrative Analysis”

Burke, Jordan
“Perceptions of Environmental Change and Climate Concern Among Idaho Farmers”

Burke, Jordan
Fifty Shades of Positive Sexuality”

Burke, Jordan. 
“Sexual Constraint Theory and Violence: An Evaluation of Moral Authority.”

Colby, Ashley.
“Structures and meanings in Subsistence Food Production.”


Other Academic Conferences

Li, Xiao. 2017 “Challenging both Rural Advantage and Disadvantage Logic: The Effects of Family Factors on Sutdent College Expectations” Presented at the Rural Sociological Society

Rawkowski, Kyle. 2017. “Alienation and Identity Maintenance in Quasi-Total Institutions.” Paper presentation at the Eastern Sociological Society Annual Meeting, February 27th, Philadelphia, PA.

Roth, Adam. 2018. “Informal Caregiving and Network Turnover Among Older Adults.” Poster Session, Population Association of America Meeting, Denver, CO, April 26-28, 2018.

Williams, Jarred. 2015 “A Quantitative Analysis of the Effects of Prison Closures on Imprisonment Rates and New Court Commitments, 2000-2013,” at the American Society of Criminology annual meeting in November in Washington, D.C., November 20.


Graduate Student Awards

LengefeldMichael 2014-2015 Foley Graduate Student Fellowship

Zhang, Hong 2014-2015 Foley Graduate Student Fellowship

Collazo, Jose 2014-2015 Burgess Brothers Memorial Scholarship

Sage, Rayna Amber. 2011-2012. Employment and Training Research Paper Program. U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration. $16,000.

Anderson, Annika. Gordon D. and Izola P. Morgan Graduate Fellowship.


Departmental Awards:

2015 –

2014 –