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Department of Sociology Graduate Student Accomplishments

Graduate Student Publications

Greenberg, Pierce. Forthcoming. “Strengthening Sociological Research through Public Records Requests.” Social Currents

Horne, Christine, Brice Darras, Elyse Bean, Anurag Srivistava, and Scott Frickel. Forthcoming. “Privacy Norms and the Smart Grid.” Social Science Research.

Frickel, Scott, Rebekah Torcasso, Annika Anderson. 2015. “The Organization of Expert Activism: Shadow Mobilization in Two Social Movements.” Mobilization.

Kennedy, Emily Huddart and Liz Dzialo. 2015. “Locating Gender in Environmental Sociology.” Sociology Compass 9(10):920-929.

Torcasso, Rebekah. 2015. “Pesticides.” in Food Issues, edited by Ken Albala. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Smith, Chad L., Gregory Hooks, and Michael Lengefeld. 2014. “The War on Drugs in Colombia: The Environment, The Treadmill of Destruction and Risk-Transfer Militarism.” Journal of World Systems Research. 20(2): 185-206.

Muñoz, José A. and José L. Collazo. 2014. “Looking out for Paisanos: Latino Hometown Associations as Transnational Advocacy Networks.” Migration and Development 3(1):130-141.

Basáñez, Tatiana, Lyzette Blanco, José L. Collazo, Dale Berger, and William D. Crano. 2013. “Ethnic Groups’ Perception of Physicians’ Attentiveness: Compliance and Implications for Health and Obesity.” Psychology, Health & Medicine 18(1):37-46.

Anderson, Annika, Andrew Crookston, and Paul Anderson. 2013. “The Structural Origins of Stereotype Threat and Its Impact on Racial/Ethnic Groups at Predominantly White Institutions.” Pp. 19-35 in The Plight of Students of Color at Predominantly White Institutions: A Critical Reader, edited by R.V. Robertson. Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt Publishing.

Sage, Rayna Amber, and Monica Kirkpatrick Johnson. 2012. “Extending and Expanding Parenthood: Parental Support to Young Adult Children.” Sociology Compass 6(3):256–270.

Knight, Kyle W. and Eugene A. Rosa. 2012. “Household Dynamics and Fuelwood Consumption in Developing Countries: A Cross-National Analysis.”Population and Environment, 33(4):365-378.

Knight, Kyle W. and Benjamin L. Messer. 2012. “Environmental Concern in Cross-National Perspective: The Effects of Affluence, Environmental Degradation, and World Society.” Social Science Quarterly, 93(2):521-537.

Knight, Kyle W. and Eugene A. Rosa. 2012.  “The Environmental Efficiency of Well-Being: A Cross-National Analysis.” Social Science Research, 40:931-949.


Graduate Student Presentations

American Sociological Association

Edwards, Michelle. “An Approach to Science Education: A Lesser Known Contribution of George Herbert Mead.”

Frickel, Scott, Rebekah Torcasso and Annika Anderson. “The Organization of Expert Activism: Shadow Mobilization in Two Social Movements.”

Fussell, Elizabeth and Elizabeth Harris. “Housing Loss and Recovery After Hurricane Katrina.”

Greenberg, Pierce. “Towards a Resource-Based Environmental Inequality: A Case Study of Coal Waste Impoundments in Appalachia”

Hao, Feng. “Economic Growth versus Environmental Quality—An Empirical Examination of Economy’s Impact on Environment at Global Level”.

Hao, Feng. “Ecological Degradation and the Spatial Distribution of China`s
Environmental Movement Organizations.”

Hao, Feng. “Rationality and Irrationality: Theoretical Examination on the Treadmill of Production.”

Ilhan, Ali and Scott Frickel. “Persistence among Interdisciplinary Social Sciences: a Longitudinal Study.”

Knight, Kyle W. “The Ecological Footprint and Life Expectancy: A Cross-National Analysis of the Environmental Efficiency of Well-Being.”

Kremer, Joseph. “The Gendered Nature of Environmental Crime.”

Schreiner, Jonathan. “Measurement errors that reduce accuracy of Racial and Ethnic Identification in the U.S. Decennial Census.”

Schreiner, Jonathan.Hopes and Expectation: The Impact of DNA Ancestry Testing on Identity.”

Schreiner, Jonathan. “The Effect of New York Times Event Coding Techniques on the Analysis of Protest Data.”

Trimble, Lindsey and Elizabeth Harris. “The Effect of Parental Status on Women and Men’s Perceptions of Sex Discrimination at Work.”


Pacific Sociological Association

Collazo, Jose. “The Impact of Tourism on Mexico and the State of Oaxaca: From
Displacement to Autonomy.”

Collazo, Jose. “Authors Meet Reviewers: Cultural Resistance in the 21st Century.”

Collazo, Jose. “Male Mexican Migrants’ Place of Origin and U.S. Destination: Earnings during Periods of Anti-Immigration Laws”

Hao, Feng. “How to Choose Your Graduate program in the U.S.”

Hao, Feng. “Ecological Degradation and the Spatial Distribution of China`s Environmental Movement Organizations.”

Hao, Feng. “Economic Affluence versus Ecological Degradation —An Empirical Study of Environmental Concern in Twenty-Five Provinces in China”.

Harris, Elizabeth. “The Effects of Children’s Labor Force Participation on Segmented Assimilation Pathways.”

Knight, Kyle W. “Environmental Space, International Equity, and the Environmental Efficiency of Well-Being: A Cross-National Panel Study.”

Makino, Yusuke. “Relational Inequality in Organizations: A Study of Job Satisfaction for White Workers.”

Sage, Rayna. “When the Only Work is Women’s Work: Changing Rural Opportunities.”

Torcaso, Bekah. “Shadow Mobilization: An Analysis of Biotechnology and the
Alternative-Agriculture Movement.”


Other Academic Conferences

Astorino, Joseph A., Rebekah Torcasso, and Jessica Goldberger. 2013.  “The Influence of Social Networks, Environmental Consciousness, and Farm Structure on the Adoption of a Sustainable Agriculture Practice.” Presented at Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Society Conference, Michigan State University, June 20.

Knight, Kyle W., Eugene A. Rosa, and Juliet B. Schor. 2011. “Work Hours, Consumption, and Climate Change: A Cross-National Panel Analysis of OECD Countries, 1970-2007.” Presented at Capitalism on Trial: A Conference in Honor of Thomas E. Weisskopf. Political Economy Research Institute, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, October 1.

Williams, Jarred. 2015 “A Quantitative Analysis of the Effects of Prison Closures on Imprisonment Rates and New Court Commitments, 2000-2013,” at the American Society of Criminology annual meeting in November in Washington, D.C., November 20.


Graduate Student Awards

 LengefeldMichael 2014-2015 Foley Graduate Student Fellowship

Zhang, Hong 2014-2015 Foley Graduate Student Fellowship

Collazo, Jose 2014-2015 Burgess Brothers Memorial Scholarship

Sage, Rayna Amber. 2011-2012. Employment and Training Research Paper Program. U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration. $16,000.

Anderson, Annika. Gordon D. and Izola P. Morgan Graduate Fellowship.


Departmental Awards:

2015 –

2014 –