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Department of Sociology Graduate Scholarships & Awards

The Sociology Department at Washington State University awards scholarships, fellowships, and awards each year to recognize or foster outstanding graduate student research, instruction, and other achievements. Each scholarship and award reflects the interests and desires of its donor. Award amounts vary based on merit of application and availability of funds.

All eligible graduate students are welcome to apply for Sociology Department scholarships and awards. Applicants must be continuing in the program in the upcoming academic year.

Award Announcement Procedure
Unless otherwise stated, the Awards Committee will review all applications and select winning applicants.  Award winners will be notified by the Department Chair and recognized at the department’s annual spring awards ceremony.


Application Process

  • All applications should be submitted electronically as PDF files.
  • The application should include your name, email address, and link to a current CV.
  • Unless otherwise stated, submit all application materials to by 5:00 p.m. on the first Monday of March.  Place “Sociology scholarship application” in the email subject line.
  • Label your application with your last name and the name of the scholarship like this: FredYoder Fellowship_your last name.



Awards by nomination only (no application)

  • Minority Student Fellowship
  • First Year Award

Awarding Promising Research & Academic Excellence

Awarding Teaching Excellence

  • Joseph R. DeMartini Excellence in Teaching Award
  • Travel Support

  • Joseph R. DeMartini Travel Grant
  • Awarding Excellence in Community Service

  • The Susan & Sarah Dolan Memorial Scholarship
  • Awards available outside of the spring awards cycle (see Graduate Handbook for application process)

  • Paul and Bessie Landis Scholarship
  • Karen Jennison and Kenneth Johnson Travel Award
  • Fred R. Yoder Memorial Graduate Fellowship in Sociology