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Department of Sociology Majoring in Sociology

Sociology Major

Students majoring in Sociology are required to take 31 hours of Sociology course work, and must maintain a C average in their Sociology courses. The 31 hours include five required core courses and five additional Sociology course electives. Students should take 24 hours of coursework in related areas.

  • SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology (3 credits)
  • SOC 310 Development of Social Theory (3 credits)
  • SOC 317 (M) Research Methods in Sociology (3 credits)
  • SOC 321 Quantitative Techniques in Sociology I (4 credits)
  • Capstone Experience (choose one of the following):
    • SOC 495 (M) Capstone: Internship (3 credits) (Available online in the summer)
    • SOC 497 (M) Capstone: Research Practicum (3 credits) (Available fall and spring)

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