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Department of Sociology Montanez, Morgan

M.A. Applied Cultural Anthropology, Oregon State University 2017
B.A. Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, University of Colorado Denver 2014


Rural Poverty, Culture, Inequality and Mobility, Qualitative Methods.

Research Interest

During my Masters research, I largely focused on the way that individuals in Gleaner Nonprofits in Oregon understand and negotiate inequality through safety-net programs. I was interested in the role that various forms of symbolic capital (cultural, social, and moral) played in use or not use of other safety-net program and the role that Gleaner nonprofits also played in maintenance of these forms of capital. Overall, I am interested in the cultural institutions of merit and the American Dream and the impact that these have on individuals, poverty policy, and use of existing safety-nets. For my MA, I worked with 14 nonprofit Gleaner organizations for two years of participant observation; also conducting 53 interviews and a short survey of 350 Gleaner households.

I am currently interested in the role that level of rurality and isolation plays in negotiations of the safety net. In particular, I am interested in exploring how the safety-net functions in places further from urban areas and what methods those in need use to negotiate inequalities in their communities. I am interested health and food access policies in particular.


Office: Wilson-Short 236

Curriculum Vitae