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Department of Sociology Blake, Sarah Elizabeth

Ph.D., Washington State University, 2015


Environment, Sustainability, Urban-Rural Relationships, Water, Power

Research Statement

My dissertation provides a comparative-historical analysis of New York City’s water supply and its impacts on the environment and growth patterns of NY State.  I demonstrate that the same political and economic actors that were able to create and maintain NYC as a powerful growth machine helped to extend NYC’s extraterritorial power through the creation of their water supply.  An internal comparison of the rural, unfiltered West of the Hudson watershed and the suburbanized, filtered East of the Hudson watershed demonstrates the role of NYC growth coalitions in hinterland development.  This comparison shows how adaptive governance strategies shaped the environment in each region and expands upon previous literature by suggesting that the power generated by growth coalitions can lead to preservation and sustainable land/water management.


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Wilson-Short Hall 207


Curriculum Vitae