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Department of Sociology Kennedy, Emily Huddart
Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of Alberta, 2011


Environmental Sociology, Sustainable Consumption, Environmental Politics, Cultural Sociology


Research Interests

My major research interest is the sociological study of citizen engagement in environmental issues, which I operationalize as spanning private consumption decisions and participation in environmental social movements. Sustainable consumption is a substantive area of focus for me, and I am driven to understand whether pro-environmental consumption practices can synthesize individual and collective approaches to social change. Currently, I am leading a research project that uses local food movements to investigate how activists pursue eco-social transformation within the constraints of contemporary market forces and neoliberal regulatory regimes. In this current research project I develop the concept of environmental civic practices, which I view as intermediary actions that bridge consumer and citizen identities in the public sphere. In the near future I will explore how environmental civic practices are used to support collective resistance to injustice and inequality.

(509) 335-7513

Wilson-Short Hall 213

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications


Kennedy, E. H., & Boyd, A. (2016). Gendered citizenship and the individualization of environmental responsibility: evaluating a campus common reading program. Environmental Education Research, Advance Online Copy DOI: 10.1080/13504622.2016.1217396.

Kennedy, E. H., Parkins, J. R., & Johnston, J. (2016). Food activists, consumer strategies, and the democratic imagination: Insights from eat-local movements. Journal of Consumer Culture, Advance Online Copy DOI:1469540516659125.

Kessler, A., Parkins, J. R., & Huddart Kennedy, E. (2016). Environmental harm and “the Good Farmer”: Conceptualizing discourses of environmental sustainability in the beef industry. Rural Sociology, 81 (2), 172–19.

Kennedy, E. H. (2016). Environmental evaporation: the invisibility of environmental concern in food system change. Environmental Sociology, 2(1), 18-28.

Kennedy, E. H., M.J. Cohen, and N.T. Krogman. (2016). Putting Sustainability into Practice: Applications and Advances in Research on Sustainable Consumption. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Kennedy, E.H. and L. Dzialo. (2015). Locating gender in environmental sociology. Sociology Compass 9(10), 920-929.

Kennedy, E.H., H. Krahn, and N.T. Krogman. (2015). Are we counting what counts? A closer examination of environmental concern, pro-environmental behaviour, and carbon footprint. Local Environment, 20 (2), 220-236.

Kennedy, E.H., H. Krahn, and N.T. Krogman. (2014). Egregious emitters: Disproportionality in household carbon footprints.” Environment & Behavior, 46(5) 535-555.