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Department of Sociology Darras, Brice

M.A. in Sociology, Washington State University, 2013
B.S. Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2000


Technology (Surveillance and Privacy), Environment (smart energy grid development) Research Methods (experimental, big data)


Research Interests

My current dissertation research project is exploring the potential of using a large data set gathered from ubiquitous information technology devices to explore aspects of socio-economic and geographic inequality in a large population.

I am also working with Dr. Christine Horne to research the smart grid technology which is currently being installed to replace old utility infrastructures around the country. The project is exploring organizational relationships, factors affecting system resilience, protection of private data, and cybersecurity. The main question is exploring what social, organizational, and institutional factors influence how well the smart grid can resist and recover from disasters (natural or otherwise).

My completed thesis project investigated reasons why elderly persons adopt assistive technology for personal use. I studied the “Smart Home” system, which equips a residence with sensors to help caregivers monitor the health and well-being of elderly residents in their homes to promote and extend independent living. Using an experimental approach, I found a number of social factors that influence potential users’ willingness to adopt this technology.


Brice Darras 09-2011

Wilson-Short Hall 149

Curriculum Vitae