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Department of Sociology McKee, Adam

M.Ed. Adult Education-Gerontology, University of Central Oklahoma, 2012
B.A. Sociology, University of Central Oklahoma, 2009


Family, Gay and Lesbian Parenting, Transition to Parenthood, Gender, and Social Class

Research Interests

My thesis research explored the relationship between religion and depression in the United States older adult population. Specifically, I analyzed how the two types of religiosity (organizational and nonorganizational) influenced depression and also how gender and race interacted with this relationship.

My more recent research is focused on gay fatherhood. Specifically, I am interested to see if changing societal views and laws may be impacting gay men’s thoughts and experiences surrounding fatherhood. I will be conducting in-depth interviews with gay fathers to better understand these men’s thoughts and experiences.


WSU Vancouver

Curriculum Vitae