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Department of Sociology Morton, Sarah

B.A. Sociology and B.S. Music Technology, University of Saint Francis, 2014
M.A. Sociology, Washington State University, 2015


Organizational Demography, STEM, Gender and Racial Inequality, Labor Markets, Higher Education, Social Networks, Culture, Quantitative Methods and Statistics

Research Interests

My research broadly covers the topics of gender, the labor market, and higher education using various quantitative methods.  In my dissertation research, I am using machine learning, natural language processing, social network analysis, and regression modeling to examine how culture and organizational structure in 6 academic science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines are related to the percentage of women undergraduate students in these fields.

Currently, I am working on several interdisciplinary projects to expand our understanding of women’s representation in STEM and leadership positions. With colleagues in sociology and engineering, i am working as a research assistant for the project “Women in Engineering in Predominantly Muslim Countries.” With professors Julie Kmec and Matt Taylor from sociology and computer science respectively, I am examining how framing a robotics task as feminine, masculine, or gender neutral impacts men’s and women’s perceptions of this task. I am also working with management professors Ekaterina Netchaeva, Leah Sheppard, and sociology graduate student Eric Allen on a meta-analysis of samples from 1999 to the present to examine gender similarities and differences in leadership aspirations.

Related to my research, I have been fortunate to engage in other professional activites, such as working as a consultant in the SESRC’s Survey Design Clinic and serving on WSU’s Commission on Status of Women.



Morton, Sarah, and Julie A. Kmec (2017): Risk-taking in academic dual-hiring process: how risk shapes later work experiences, Journal of Risk Research, DOI: 10.1080/13669877.2017.131761

Recent Presentations

Morton, Sarah.”How Accessed Social Capital via Student Chapter Memberships Impacts Women’s Enrollment in Undergraduate Engineering.” EARThS Biennial Conference, Washington State University (2017).

Morton, Sarah.”Understanding Gendered Risk-Taking in the Academic Dual-Hiring Process in STEM and Non-STEM Disciplines” Regular Session in the Sociology of Higher Education, American Sociological Association Conference, Seattle, WA (2016).

Morton, Sarah and Julie A. Kmec. “Risk-Taking in the Academic Dual-Hiring Process: How Risk Shapes Work Experiences.”              Roundtable in Organizations, Occupations, and Work, American Sociological Association Conference, Seattle, WA (2016).

Morton, Sarah. “Labor Market Risks and Subtle Processes: A Call for an Application of Risk Theory to Dual-Career Hiring in Academia” April 2015. EARThS Biennial Conference, Washington State University

Morton, Sarah and Karen Monique Gregg. “The Sound Behind the Structure: Understanding the Role of Music in Intersectionality Films.” April 2014. North Central Student Sociology Conference, North Central Sociological Association, Cincinnati, OH.

Wilson-Short Hall 150

Curriculum Vitae