Kyle Rakowski


M.A. in Sociology, Washington State University, 2019.
B.A. in Sociology, Eckerd College, 2015
B.A. in American Studies, Eckerd College, 2015


Crime and Deviance, Social Movements, Culture, Qualitative Methods, Experimental Methods

Research Interests

My primary research interests are in exploring the relationship between norm construction and the ascription of, or participation in deviance. Specifically, I am interested in the ways cultural forces, institutional powers, and social norms serve to define deviant behavior in society. Additionally, I want to examine the varying gradations of total institutions in society and how subjects of these institutions use critical space towards individual identity maintenance.

Selected Publications

Rakowski, Kyle (2016) “Alienation and Identity Maintenance in Quasi-Total Institutions.” The Journal for Undergraduate Ethnography, 6(1):17-31