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Department of Sociology Reshetnikov, Aleksey


M.A. Sociology, California State University – Northridge, 2016

B.A. Sociology, California State University – Northridge, 2013


Social Support, Quantitative Methodology, Qualitative Methodology, Spatial Analysis, Social Inequality

Research Interests:

I’m particularly interested in how people utilize social support as a tool for survival. I believe the differences in how the poor are portrayed as socially supported actors in the sociological literature is fascinating. My work focuses on the differences in social support perception, and what factors may explain these differences. Underlying this research is an interest in how the public safety net has dissipated and private safety nets have taken the place of government assistance. In the past I have worked on projects examining access to nonprofits, STEM undergraduate success for underrepresented groups, presentation of self in cosplay, and the use of art as data.




Office: Wilson-Short 146

Curriculum Vitae