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Department of Sociology Roth, Adam



M.A. Sociology, Washington State University, 2016
B.A., Sociology, California State University, Chico, 2012


Sociology of Health, Life Course/Aging, Social Networks, Place and Space

Research Interests

My research uses social network analysis and other quantitative methods to study health and aging. I am primarily interested in the interplay between personal networks and health in later life. Among other things, I study how older adults’ personal networks change as they undergo major life transitions. For example, in a current study I examine how the transition into informal caregiving relates to network turnover among older adults.

In my second line of research, I explore the social determinants of health and mortality for the broader population. In this research, I focus on social and physical characteristics of the places in which individuals live and how these places interact with individual characteristics to influence health-related outcomes.


Caudell, Mark, Marsha Quinlan, Murugan Subbiah, Douglas Call, Casey Roulette, Jennifer Roulette, Adam Roth, Louis Matthews, and Robert Quinlan. 2017. “Antimicrobial Use and Veterinary Care among Agro-pastoralists in Northern Tanzania.” PLOS ONE 12(1): e0170328.





Office: Wilson-Short 249

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