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Department of Sociology Skills and Careers in Sociology

In today’s changing job market, the skills developed by sociology majors are important – skills in analyzing problems, understanding diverse peoples, and assessing how changes in the broader social structure shape individuals’ daily lives. Sociology also provides training in social science research methods and statistics, communication, and critical thinking. Successful sociology majors enter the professional world with skills useful in a wide range of careers including public relations, community planning, positions in government and social agencies, criminal justice system professions, and business. Sociology also provides an excellent foundation for professions that often require graduate school training, such as counseling, law, public policy and administration, social work, or teaching.

Careers for Sociology Majors

Below are some of the occupational and professional fields open to students with sociology degrees. Click on the areas to learn why sociology provides you with a solid foundation for a career in each field.

Skills Developed by WSU Sociology Majors

Internship Opportunities

Research Opportunities

Where are our undergraduate students now?

American Sociological Association Career Center


WSU Career Centers and Services

Pullman Campus: Academic Success and Career Center