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Department of Sociology College of Arts and Sciences

Wilson Short Hall


The scientific study of social life

Sociology provides fundamental insight on social matters. Our lives are affected not only by our personal psychology, but by our place in the social world. Sociologists study and work across a broad range of issues—from inequality to human ecology, from deviance to religion, from medicine to politics. Few fields offer students (and researchers) opportunities of such breadth.

Featured Undergraduate Course

Sport equipment.Sociology of Sport (SOC 245)

This course familiarizes students with the sociological study of sport. The course explores the role that sports play in our society through a wide range of social phenomena such as education, race, gender, politics, media, violence and deviance, and economics. An emphasis on social factors provides insight into the way we think about sports as organizational forms, those individuals who participate in them, and how the institution of sport relates to values, norms, social practices, and inequalities. Students will learn to apply sociological principles to the analysis of sport as a cultural and social product, as well as a source of popular entertainment.


Experiential Learning

Take your education out of the classroom and into the world! Experiential learning opportunities and the capstone course help you apply your academic learning to effect change in communities and workplaces or get involved in hands-on research.