Graduate Student Organization

Mission Statement

The WSU Sociology Graduate Student Organization (SGSO) provides an open forum for graduate students to discuss and address issues and concerns related to graduate student training and progress, and to help facilitate communication and career building between graduate students and faculty/staff.

The SGSO is open to and run by graduate students and should maintain a democratic organizational structure so that all graduate student concerns and activities can be voiced and are received and treated with equity and fairness.

Specifically, the SGSO strives to:

  • Maintain effective communication with other graduate students and with faculty within our department via committees and meetings.
  • Organize resources and workshops important to graduate student training and career building.
  • Provide a forum for, and offer advice to, graduate students on ways to address and resolve departmental issues and maintain continual progress through the program.
  • To act as a liaison or third party between graduate students, and/or between grad students and faculty, when possible.
  • To provide mentorship to sociology undergraduate students.
  • To provide service to Washington State University and its surrounding communities.

2021-2022 Officers

Sam Castonguay

Sarah Deming

Vice President
Kyle Rakowski

Caleb Cooley