Academic Advising

Academic advising plays a valuable role in the success of our undergraduates. We work with all students who are interested in or who are pursuing a degree in sociology.

We are happy to speak with high school students considering sociology as a field of study, first year WSU students who have not decided on a specific major, and transfer students from community college or four year universities.

Academic advisors in the Department of Sociology assists with students with:

Course selection

All students at WSU must meet with an academic advisor to discuss courses to take for the upcoming semester and to review the student’s academic progress; the student’s academic advising hold is released after this advising meeting.

Developing a program of study

Many students find it useful to meet with their advisor to draft a “road map,” or “program of study,” to guide them toward the successful completion of their undergraduate degree; a program of study is crafted around the student’s academic goals and post graduate plans.

Internships, research opportunities, study abroad

There are many opportunities throughout a student’s undergraduate education for valuable experiential learning beyond the classroom. Students find it helpful to discuss internship options, opportunities to work with faculty to conduct research, and studying abroad with their advisor for information on resources and to include experiential learning in the program of study.

Career planning and graduate school

It is important to discuss graduate school and career plans well before graduation! Because our advisors work with sociology students throughout their undergraduate education at WSU, they are able to integrate a student’s future goals into her/his program of study to provide a successful transition to graduate school or launching a career.

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The best way to make an appointment with one of our academic advisors is through email.

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