Department of Sociology Graduate Students
Adrian, ValerieWSU Vancouver MMC
Areas: Families, Populations, and Life Course; Work, Organizations, and Labor Markets; Social Inequalities
Akers, SarahWilson-Short
Areas: Family Organization, Race, Stratification, Genocide/Ethnic Conflict
Allen, EricWilson-Short
Areas: Gender and Race/Ethnic Labor Market Inequality, Work Organizations, Intimate Partner Violence, and Violence Against Women
Astorino, Joseph AnthonyWilson-Short
Areas: Sociology of Science, Environmental Sociology, Sociology of Agriculture, Stratification, Pedagogy, and Service Learning
Bai, YikangWilson-Short
Areas: Education, Stratification
Beltz, LindseyWilson-Short
Areas: Crime and Deviance, Political Sociology, Inequality, Quantitative Methods
Bittinger, KatherineWilson-Short
Areas: Environmental Sociology; Criminology; and Methods & Statistics
Burke, Jordan Wilson-Short
Cervantes, MarisaWilson-Short
Areas: Family, Gender, Class, Inequality, Education
Castillo, GinaWilson-Short
Areas: Criminology, Gender, Life Course, Higher Education, STEM, Prevention Studies, and Research Methods
Clayson, MandyWilson-Short
Areas: Family, Work and Occupation, Gender, Statistical Methods
Colby, AshleyNot
Areas: Environment, Food and Agriculture, Globalization, Inequality, Family, Gender, Qualitative Methodology, Survey Methodology, Comparative Historical, Sustainability, Social Movements
Collazo, José LuisWilson-Short
Areas: Discrimination; Development; Immigration; Social Inequality; Labor Market; Public Health
Crookston, AndrewWilson-Short
Areas: Political Sociology, Globalization, Human Rights, Sociology of Education, Agriculture, Demography
Dahlem, JonathanWilson-Short
Areas: Environmental and Political Sociology; Environmental Justice, Labor, Social Movements, Deep Ecology, Ecological Feminism, Critical Animal Studies
Darras, BriceWilson-Short
Areas: Technology, Aging, Privacy, Research Methods
Davaran, ArdavanNot
Areas: Criminology, Education, Race, Class, and Gender
Dzialo, ElizabethWilson-Short
Areas: Political Economy, Environmental Sociology, Gender, Labor
Estevez, Mychel LynnNot
Areas: Gender and Stratification
Greenberg, Pierce Wilson-Short
Areas: Environmental Sociology, Rural Sociology, Inequality, Spatial Analysis, Research Methods
Hammond, JacobsWilson-Short
Areas: Social Movements, Environment, Consumption, Sustainability, Technology, Stratification, Work, Wellbeing
Hauslik, DarcyWilson-Short
Areas: Environmental Sociology, Political Sociology, and Research Methods
Higgins, Jerrid Wilson-Short
Areas:Environmental Sociology, Food Systems, and Social Movements
Huang, Claire (Xiaoqu)Wilson-Short
Inlow, AlanaWilson-Short
Areas: Spatial Analysis & Spatial Inequality, Criminology, Housing Policy, and Urban Sociology.
Lengefeld, MichaelWilson-Short
Areas: Environmental Sociology, Political Sociology, Social Ecology
Li, XiaoWilson-Short
Areas: Education, inequality, rural and non-rural differences, community, family, and gender
Lindstedt, NathanWilson-Short
Areas: Social Movements, Environmental Sociology, Quantitative Methodology
McCall, JamesWilson-Short
Areas: Mental Health and Subjective Well Being; Family; Life Course and Transitioning to Adulthood; Prevention Studies; Gender and Sexuality; and Digital Technology
McKee, AdamWilson-Short
Areas: Family, Gay and Lesbian Parenting, Transition to Parenthood, Gender, and Social Class
Mendiola, JesseWilson-Short
Areas: Environmental Sociology, cultural sociology, social movements, especially indigenous movements, research methods to include Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
Miksys, ChristieWilson-Short
Miley, SarahWilson-Short
Areas: Environmental Sociology, Risk, and Media Studies
Morton, SarahWilson-Short
Areas: Organizational Demography, STEM, Gender and Racial Inequality, Labor Markets, Higher Education, Social Networks, Culture, Quantitative Methods and Statistics
Rakowski, KyleWilson-Short
Reshtnikov, Aleksey Wilson-Short
Reyes, HeatherWilson-Short
Areas: Military, Crime, Stratification
Ridgeway, Sadie Wilson-Short
Roth, AdamWilson-Short
Areas: Social networks; Economic Sociology; Health; Quantitative Methods
Schreiner, JonathanNot
Areas: Intersections of Race, Technology, and Methodology; Race and Ethnic Relations and Identity; Genetic Ancestry Testing; Society and Technology; Environmental Sociology; Geographic Information Systems, Multi-Method Research; Sociology of Sport
Scott, LaurenWilson-Short
Areas: Environmental Sociology and Political Sociology
Ting, Yun-ChungWilson-Short
Torcasso Sanchez, RebekahWilson-Short
Areas: Environment, Political Economy, Power, Social Movements, Globalization, Sociology of Ag and Food Systems
Vega, Anthony RaymondWilson-Short
Areas: Human Sexuality, Gender, Deviance, and Social Inequality
Williams, JarredWilson-Short
Areas: Criminology, Deviance, Political Sociology
Zhang, HongWilson-Short
Note: All graduate students can be contacted by phone for messages at the sociology front office at 509-335-4595. Graduate students can be contacted directly at their respective email addresses.