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Department of Sociology Graduate Students
Akers, SarahWSU Vancouver
Areas: Sociology of the Family: Couple Dynamics, Family Organization and Roles; Gender: Gender Roles, Ideologies and Performance; Work: As Related to Gender and Family
Aust, LizWilson-Short
Areas: Gender/Gender Role Expression, Cultural Sociology, Social Inequality, and Labor Market Inequality
Barrus, TravisWilson-Short
Areas: Criminology, Technology, Forced Migration, Human Trafficking, Quantitative Analysis
Burke, Jordan Wilson-Short
Areas: Environmental Sociology, Social Stratification, Globalization, War and Conflict, Research Methods, Social Statistics
Butterman, OliviaWilson-Short
Areas: Environment, Climate Change Opinion Development, Voluntourism, Disaster Sociology
Cassidy, StevenWilson-Short
Areas: Social Theory, Military, Education, Disability, Qualitative Methods
Castonguay, SamanthaWilson-Short
Areas: Environmental Sociology; Higher Education & Academia; Gender & Sexuality; Research
Chirume, TinasheWilson-Short
Areas: Environmental Sociology, Social Organizations, Political Sociology, Norms, Attitudes
Clayson, MandyOut of
Areas: Family, Work and Occupation, Gender, Statistical Methods
Coma, AzdrenWilson-Short
Areas: Environmental Sociology, Risk, Organizations, Disaster Sociology, environmental health and justice, food and sustainable food systems, Movements, Environmental Crime
Cooley, CalebWilson-Short
Areas: Health Disparities, Sexuality, Social Determinants of health, Marriage and the Family, Social Psychology
Dahlem, JonathanOut of Residence
Areas: Environmental Sociology, Conservation Sociology, Environmental Justice, Sociology of Knowledge/Science, Political Sociology, Animals & Society, Gender & Environment, Social Movements
De LaBarrera Montppellier, Andrea Wilson-Short
Areas: Gender Equality, Gendered Justice, Violence Against Women, Judiciaries, Institutions, Human Rights, Mexico
Deming, SarahWilson-Short
Areas: Sociology of the Family; Gender/Gender Role Expression; Social Inequality; Qualitative and Survey Research Methods.

Familia, ThomasWilson-Short
Areas: Environmental Sociology, Energy Sociology, Political Sociology, Globalization, Social Stratification, Research Methods
Huang, Clair (Xiaoqu)Wilson-Short
Areas: Life Course, Aging, Poverty, Immigration
Areas: Criminology, Spatial Analysis & Spatial Inequality, Housing Policy, Neighborhood Change, Space & Place, and Urban Sociology
Lee, Seon YupWilson-Short
Areas:Life Course, Social Theory, Research Methods
Leonard, CassandraWilson-Short
Areas: Haiti, Gender, Family, Family Structure, Portrayal and Perception of Haiti in Western Media
Li, XiaoWSU
Areas: Education, inequality, rural and non-rural differences, community, family, and gender
Lindstedt, NathanOut of
Areas: Social Movements, Environmental Sociology, Quantitative Methodology
McCalidaine, EllaWilson-Short
Areas: Class Dynamics and Rural Poverty, Gender Construction and Conflict
Areas: Health and Mental Health Inequalities, Education and Mental Health, Life Course Perspective, Transition
to Adulthood, Survey Design and Implementation
Miksys, ChristieWilson-Short
Areas: Gender, Social Inequality, Violence Against Women, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, Masculinity
Montanez, MorganWilson-Short
Areas: Rural Poverty, Culture, Inequality and Mobility, Qualitative Methods.
Rakowski, KyleWilson-Short
Areas: Crime and Deviance, Social Movements, Culture, Qualitative Methods, Experimental Methods
Ray, NamrataWilson-Short
Areas: Social Demography, Poverty, Health Inequality, Ageing, Labour market imperfections
Reshetnikov, Aleksey Wilson-Short
Areas: Social Support, Quantitative Methodology, Qualitative Methodology, Spatial Analysis, Social Inequality
Ridgeway, Sadie Wilson-Short
Areas: Health and well-being, the body and embodiment (specifically body size, weight, and fatness), childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood, social psychology, quantitative methods, survey methodology
Santucci, ChristopherWilson-Short
Areas: Criminology, Technology & Privacy, Counter Violent Extremism (CVE), Public Policy, Network Science, Survey Methodology
Stanley, SandteWilson Short
Areas: Medical Sociology, Racial and Ethnic Health and Mortality Disparities, Social Determinants of Health
Weston, MichelleWilson Short
Areas: Rural Sociology, Political Sociology, Environmental Sociology, Ecology
Williams, JarredOut of
Yang, ShuangshuangWilson-Short
Areas: Gender, family, sexuality, low fertility, social demography, and quantitative methods
Yokley, SandraWilson-Short
Areas: Social Inequality, Social Justice, Liberation Sociology, Urban Sociology, Social Movements, Political Sociology, Public Policy, Organizational Sociology, Poverty, Class Origins/Destinations, Mobility, Qualitative Methods, Mixed Methods
Note: All graduate students can be contacted by phone for messages at the sociology front office at 509-335-4595. Graduate students can be contacted directly at their respective email addresses.