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Department of Sociology Graduate Students

Ella McCalidaine


B.A. Sociology, Eastern Washington University


Class Dynamics and Rural Poverty, Gender Construction and Conflict

Research Interest

My interests evolve with time, but currently reside in various inequalities reinforced through stratification, as well as intra and intergender construction and conflicts. I hope to engage in mixed-methods efforts that would combine foreground-interpretive research (that allows for subjective insight) with objective data analysis. Specific topic examples would be cultural capital and the influence it has on upward social fluidity in higher education, intra-cultural conflict and contradictory motivations found in gender non-conforming groups, and rural concepts and reactions to perceived resource deprivation and authority difference.

Undergraduate work included research conducted on intergenerational Intimate Partner Violence, how concepts and acts are transmitted between cohorts, and what social communication processes facilitate and reinforce them.