Mariana Amorim

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Cornell University, 2019


Family, Social Policies, Demography

Research Interests

My research focuses on family dynamics, intergenerational support over the life course, and social welfare policies. I rely on a wide range of large scale data sets, and a diverse methodological toolkit in order to investigate how resource allocation within families contribute to the well-being of family members, particularly children and older adults. Currently, I am investigating how economic insecurity and family complexity shape low-income parents’, grandparents’ and adult children’s resource allocation, decision making, and well-being.

If you want to apply for the Sociology PhD program at WSU and you are interested in (1) Poverty and Social Policies; (2) Family; or (3) Applied Demography, please consider reaching out to me. I would love to set up a meeting and get to know you before you apply to our program.

Selected Publications

Amorim, M., & Deming, S* (2022) “Black-White Disparities in Nuclear Family Transitions and Postsecondary Transfers to Children”. Journal of Marriage and Family, 84(4), 1024-1045.

Amorim, M., & Schneider, D. (2022). Schedule Unpredictability and High-Cost Debt Among Service Workers.” Sociological Science9(5), 102-135.

Amorim, M. (2021). The Effects of Basic Income on Child-Related Investments: the Case of the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend. Social Forces, soab 119,

Amorim, M. (2021). ‘My Favorite One is the One Who is There Right Now’: Socioeconomic Differences in Support Exchanges Within Stepfamilies. Social Problems, spab068,

Pilkauskas, N., Amorim, M., & Dunifon, R. (2020) Historical Trends in Children Living in Multigenerational Households: 1870-2018. Demography, 57(6), 2269-2296.

Amorim, M., & Tach, L. (2019). Multiple-Partner Fertility and Cohort Change in the Prevalence of Half-Siblings. Demography56(6), 2033-2061.


Mariana Amorim.


Office: Wilson-Short 207

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