Dylan Bugden

Boeing Distinguished Assistant Professor in Environmental Sociology

Ph.D., Cornell University, 2019


Environmental sociology, contentious politics, public opinion

Research Interests

My research program reflects a long-standing personal interest in how individuals and groups reflexively challenge entrenched social forces to build a more sustainable society. That is, how do extra-institutional forces (e.g., social movements, protest events, local opposition movements) shape environmental policies and even material environmental outcomes? I tackle this question through an interdisciplinary approach grounded in sociology and political science. From sociology I draw primarily from the study of social movements, environmental sociology, and political sociology. From political science I draw primarily from the study of political behavior and psychology. I rely primarily on the quantitative analysis of a wide variety of novel survey data types (mail, phone, internet), applying both experimental and non-experimental approaches. Additionally, I have experience with structural equation modeling and the analysis of longitudinal and panel data using secondary data sources. However, I also have training and field experience in qualitative and mixed-methods.