Vanessa Delgado

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Ph.D., University of California, Irvine, 2022


Immigration, Children of Immigrants, Transition into Adulthood, Sociology of the Family, Latino/a/x Sociology, Qualitative Methods, Sociology of Education

Research Interests

Dr. Delgado’s research explores the incorporation pathways and educational experiences of Latino/a families. She employs qualitative methods to examine how Latino/a families navigate punitive immigration laws and policies and a restrictive socio-political climate. Articles from her research are published in Law & PolicyJournal of Latinos and EducationSociology Compass, Socius, Sociological Forum, Social Sciences, and Journal of Marriage and Family. She is currently working on a book manuscript that examines how Latino/a children of immigrants support and challenge immigrant integration.  


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Conchas, Gilberto Q., Socorro Cambero, Vanessa Delgado, Jess Lee, and Leticia Oseguera. 2022. “Perceptions of Inequality as Racial Projects: Uncovering Ethnoracial and Gendered Patterns among First-Generation College-Going Asian American Students” Journal of Leadership, Equity, and Research 7 (1), 2-22. 

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