Christine Horne


J.D., Columbia Law School, 1989

Ph.D., University of Arizona, 1997


Social Norms, Theory, Group Processes

Research Interests

My research focuses on social norms. I am engaged in a theoretically driven research program that seeks to understand the emergence, enforcement, and application of norms, and that applies theoretical insights to understand a range of substantive norms. My current research focuses on two main substantive areas – bridewealth norms in Africa and household energy behavior.

Selected Publications

Horne, Christine, Naa Dodua Dodoo, and F. Nii-Amoo Dodoo. 2018. The conditionality of norms: The case of bridewealth. Social Psychology Quarterly 81(4):319-339.

Przepiorka, Wojtek and Christine Horne. 2018. How can consumer trust in energy utilities be increased? The effectiveness of prosocial, proenvironmental, and service-oriented investments as signals of trustworthiness. Organization and Environment

Horne, Christine and Emily Huddart Kennedy. 2017. The power of social norms for reducing and shifting energy use. Energy Policy 107:43-52.

Horne, Christine, F. Nii-Amoo Dodoo, and Naa Dodua Dodoo. 2013. “The Shadow of Indebtedness: Bridewealth and Norms Constraining Female Reproductive Autonomy.” American Sociological Review 78(3):503-520.

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Wilson-Short Hall 238

Curriculum Vitae