Erik Johnson


Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, 2004


Environmental Sociology, Social Movements, Political Sociology, Organizations

Research Interests

My research draws on scholarship from environmental, social movement, organizational, public policy and political sociology literatures to pursue a better understanding of the causes, forms and consequences of mobilization around environmental protection issues in the United States. I have looked especially at the relationship between organizational and tactical diversity (i.e. protest vs. “insider” political activities) within the US national environmental movement and federal public policy outcomes (agenda setting and law passage). I am increasingly interested in cross-national comparative research on environmental movements, interest groups, and environmental public policy.

Selected Publications

Johnson, Erik W. 2014. “Toward international comparative research on associational activity: Variation in the form and focus of voluntary associations in four nations.” Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 43(2S): 163S-181S.

Bevan, Shaun, Frank R. Baumgartner, Erik W. Johnson and John D. McCarthy. 2013. “Understanding Selection Bias, Time-Lags and Measurement Bias in Secondary Data Sources: Putting the Encyclopedia of Associations Database in Broader Context.” Social Science Research 42: 1750-1764.

Johnson, Erik W. and Scott Frickel. 2011. “Ecological Threat and the Founding of U.S. National Environmental Movement Organizations, 1962-1998.” Social Problems 58(3): 305-329.

Erik Johnson.

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