Steven Mejia

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of California, Irvine, 2022. 


Global and Transnational Sociology, World Society and Culture, and Political-Economy.

Research Interests

My research seeks to explain global social, environmental, economic, and political change. One area of study investigates how numerous forms of economic globalization such as foreign direct investment, trade, and foreign credit impact the environment, social welfare, and demographic outcomes. Another area of research seeks to understand how world culture is shaping nation-states, societies, and individuals. I primarily employ quantitative methodological approaches and analyze country-level data in these investigations. 

Selected Publications

Steven A. Mejia. 2024a. “The Effects of Debt Dependence on Economic Growth in Developing Countries, 1990-2019” Social Science Research.
Steven A. Mejia. 2024b. “Globalization, Foreign Direct Investment, and Child Mortality: A Cross-National Analysis of Less-Developed Countries, 1990-2019.” International Journal of Comparative Sociology.
Steven A. Mejia. 2024c. “The Effects of Liberal and Illiberal World Society on Women’s Legislative Representation, 1970-2018.” Social Science Quarterly.
Steven A. Mejia. 2023. “Global Inequities in the Prevalence of Undernourishment.” Social Science Quarterly. OnlineFirst.
Steven A. Mejia. 2022a. “Foreign Direct Investment and the Environment: A Cross-National Analysis of Carbon Dioxide Emissions per Capita, 1980-2018.” Sociological Forum 37(4): 1108-1130.
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Steven A. Mejia 2022c. “The Harmful Effects of Primary Sector Foreign Direct Investment on Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Developing Countries, 2000-2019.” Social Science Quarterly 103(6): 1475-1488.
Steven A. Mejia 2021a. “Foreign Direct Investment Dependence and the Neglected Greenhouse Gas: A Cross-National Analysis of Nitrous Oxide Emissions in Developing Countries, 1990-2014.” Sociological Perspectives 64(2): 223-237.
Steven A. Mejia 2021b. “The Climate Crisis and Export Intensity: A Comparative International Study of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Global South, 1990-2014. International Journal of Sociology 51(1): 1-22.
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Steven A. Mejia 2020. “Global Environmentalism and the World-System: A Cross-National Analysis of Air Pollution.” Sociological Perspectives 63(2): 276-291.