Thomas Rotolo


Ph.D., University of Arizona, 1995


Volunteering, Social Networks

Research Interests

I conduct research on the social and demographic correlates of volunteering. Most of my recent work on volunteering utilizes multilevel data and modeling techniques. Additionally, I explore the properties of social networks across a variety of settings. My social network research tends to be collaborative and interdisciplinary, involving students and faculty from departments outside of Sociology.

Selected Publications

Caudell, Mark, Thomas Rotolo, and Mulye Grima. 2015. “Informal Lending Networks in Rural Ethiopia.” Social Networks 40:34-42.

Rotolo, Thomas and John Wilson. 2014. “Social Heterogeneity and Volunteering in U.S. Cities.” Sociological Forum 29:429-452.

Rotolo, Thomas and John Wilson. 2012. “State-Level Differences in Volunteerism in the United States: Research Based on Demographic, Institutional and Cultural Macro-Level Theories.” Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 41: 452-473

Tom Rotolo.

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