Sarah Whitley

Clinical Assistant Professor

Ph.D Sociology, Washington State University 2013


Poverty, Sociology of Education, Sociology of Food, Social Inequality, Stratification

Research Interest

I have two main research interest, the first addresses food insecurity and hunger issues in the rural and urban setting. I also evaluate how public policy addresses the increasing hunger epidemic. The second addresses instruction pedagogy by providing students service-experiential learning opportunities.

Advising-Career and Professional

Do you want to have a better idea of the professional opportunities available to you with a sociology degree? I am here to assist you. Whether you plan to go directly into a career or a graduate program I have resources and information important for the next phase of your life. The exciting news is sociology students are prepared to follow a variety of career paths without pursuing an additional degree since the major provides the skills, concepts, and knowledge undergraduates need to enter the job market successfully. Sociology students also gain the skills necessary to go on to pursue advanced degrees in graduate programs if this is their interest. I look forward to discussing your career and professional options, please schedule an appointment to discuss these matters further.

Selected Publication

Whitley, Sarah. 2017. “Food Insecurity and Hunger in the Rural West: Case Study.” Contributor in Rural Poverty in the U.S.A. Editors Jennifer Sherman, Ann Tickamyer and Jennifer Warlick. Columbia University Press.

Whitley, Sarah. 2013. “Changing Times in Rural America: Food Assistance and Food Insecurity in Food Deserts.” Journal of Family Social Work 16(1): 36-52.

Sarah Whitley.


Wilson-Short Hall 213

Curriculum Vitae

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