Sarah Deming


M.S., Family and Consumer Science, University of Idaho, 2019
B.A., Sociology, Western Washington University, 2003


Sociology of the Family; Gender/Gender Role Expression; Social Inequality; Qualitative and Survey Research Methods.

Research Interests

Broadly speaking, I am interested in the often-competing institutions of family and work. More specifically, my research is concerned with how parental status impacts men versus women, and how differences in experience might serve to exacerbate the gender pay gap. My master’s research utilized original survey data to explore women’s paid work decisions upon the transition to motherhood. My doctoral research will expand upon this topic with in-depth interviews of mothers and fathers for a more thorough understanding of the role gender plays in the paid work decisions of parents.


“She Can’t Always Get What She Wants: Aspirations Versus Actualities Where Work and Motherhood Converge.” Presented at the Pacific Sociological Association’s Annual Meeting in Oakland, CA March 2019.

“Traumatic Childbirth—Impact on Relationships.” Presentation (by co-author Kristin Haltinner). Midwest Sociology Society’s Annual Meeting April 2019.