April 2018

Graduate student James McCall presents at the department’s bi-weekly colloquium series.

Welcome to your April 2018 issue of Sociology News!

Another active and successful Spring semester of WSU Sociology is quickly drawing to a close. In this issue of Sociology News, we bring you the latest on what the department has been up to—beginning with recognition of the contributions of one of our longest-serving faculty members, James F. Short, Jr., who continues to make valuable contributions to the field of criminology, even after nearly seven decades in WSU Sociology. Special thanks to Dr. Short’s son, Michael, for the terrific pictures that accompany the article.

Next, we take an international trip to Uruguay, where PhD candidate Ashley Colby Fitzgerald is starting a field school to help U.S. college students learn about sustainable agriculture. We chatted with Ashley by Skype to learn about how her WSU experiences inspire her work in South America.

Additionally, the department was honored last fall to host urban ethnographer and Yale sociology professor Elijah Anderson and to present to him the William Julius Wilson Award for the Advancement of Social Justice.

Next, we continue our “In Brief” feature that highlights an undergraduate research methods poster session, the department’s new colloquium, and an alumna recognized as a WSU Woman of Distinction. We also provide an update on department publications from the past year.

We conclude the newsletter with a remembrance of Dr. Irving Tallman, a WSU Sociology professor emeritus, who passed away in September 2017.

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or feedback.

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