Department offers new undergraduate minors

By Sarah Whitley, associate professor and director of undergraduate studies

The pandemic-vacated WSU Pullman campus mall and changing trees.

The Department of Sociology is excited to now offer three targeted minors for students pursuing different career tracks. The minors provide in-depth knowledge and training to help students be successful in their post-graduate plans.

To meet the needs of students interested in pursuing careers in health care and health policy, the department developed the Health & Society Minor. The coursework for this minor provides a strong foundation for students to understand social determinants of physical and mental health and to work with increasingly diverse and aging populations. Students pursuing the Health & Society Minor are required to complete six classes—two required (Medical Sociology and Social Inequality) and four electives.

Many students are interested in pursuing careers focused on provided services to youth and adolescents. To meet these students’ needs, the department developed the At-Risk Youth Minor. The coursework for this minor provides a strong foundation for understanding youth in their social context and the pressures that contribute to delinquent and deviant behavior. Students pursuing the At-Risk Youth Minor are required to complete six classes—four required (Youth and Society, Social Deviance, Juvenile Delinquency, and Drugs and Society) and two electives.

Employers are increasingly looking for candidates with cross-cultural skills and competencies.  To meet their professional needs, the department developed the Workplace Diversity Minor. The coursework provides a strong foundation for understanding and meeting the demands of increasingly diverse and global workplaces. Students pursuing the Workplace Diversity Minor are required to complete six classes—four required (a designated diversity course in Anthropology, Comparative Ethnic Studies, or Women’s Studies; Business Ethics; Social Inequality; and Inclusive Workplace Leadership) and two electives.

In addition, the Department of Sociology, in partnership with the Carson College of Business, is now offering the Sustainable Organizational Leadership Certificate. Coursework for this certificate provides a strong foundation of knowledge and skills surrounding sustainable business practices, organization, leadership, innovation, and responsibility. Students pursuing the Sustainable Organizational Leadership Certificate are required to complete five classes—three required (Principles of Management and Organization, Sustainability in Society, and Social Inequality) and two electives.

Students are able to apply the courses for the minor or certificate to their major electives requirement, making it easy for students to pick up a targeted minor or certificate along the way of completing their degree requirements.

Find out more about the minors and about the certificate.