Publications, Awards, and Other Accomplishments

Caleb is standing next to his poster and smiling.
Graduate student Caleb Cooley presenting his poster at the 2022 Population Association of America conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

We precede the “Publications, Awards, and Other Accomplishments” section of the newsletter with a new section on Alumni Accomplishments. If you graduated with a degree from the WSU Department of Sociology and have an accomplishment that relates to the education you received from the department that you would like to share in the newsletter, please send us an email to

In this issue, we highlight the work of accomplished alum Candace Wellman (BA Soc, 1968).

Candace Wellman’s forthcoming book with WSU Press will be published in Spring, 2023. Man of Treacherous Charm: Territorial Justice Edmund C. Fitzhugh follows her two previous books with the Press: Peace Weavers: Uniting the Salish Coast through Cross-cultural Marriages (2017) and Interwoven Lives: Indigenous Mothers of Salish Coast Communities (2019). Both books won national awards from Women Writing the West. The Washington State Historical Society chose both Peace Weavers and Interwoven Lives for their 2020 Women of Washington bookshelf, a collection of their favorite books and publications about the state’s women.

Wellman graduated with distinction in 1968, followed by three semesters of Sociology graduate work emphasizing socialization. For a year, she taught “American Courtship and Marriage” before leaving campus with her newly graduated engineer husband and daughters. Over the following years and many moves, she earned a history/education degree at Western Washington University, did genealogy, and was a volunteer research assistant at the Washington State Archives branch in Bellingham for 15 years. Her various experiences and skills coalesced in a research and writing project that has spanned over 20 years and resulted in the three books and several articles, public presentations, and workshops about researching “unknowable” people. Her Sociology background infuses her writing of biography and is readily apparent to alert readers.

Faculty names are bolded; current graduate student names are bolded and followed by an asterisk (*).

Congratulations to:

Bosco “Xavier” Aburto (BA Soc, 2022) accepted a spot in the Master of Global Affairs program at Notre Dame University, with a focus on sustainable development.

Mari Amorim and Jeffrey Sallaz (U Arizona) were awarded funds through the NYU Cash Transfer Lab to work on a qualitative project titled “The Social Meanings of Universal Cash Transfers for Parents Across the Socioeconomic Spectrum.”

Jessie Brazil (BA Soc, 2021) accepted a spot in the sociology PhD program at the University of Utah.

Amanda Clayson* successfully defended her dissertation, Learning to be an Intensive Parent: Uncovering the Process of Adult Socialization, in April 2022.

Xiao Li* successfully defended her dissertation, Rural-Non-Rural Differences in Youth Status Attainment, in April 2022.

Nathan Lindstedt* successfully defended his dissertation, Contributing a Verse to the Powerful Play: The Intersection of Quantitative Sociology, Discourse, and Meaning, in April 2022.

Christian Maynard* successfully defended his master’s thesis, “Cannabis Consumption Techniques Among Adolescents Across Legal Contexts in the United States,” in April 2022.

Morgan Montañez* was selected as a graduate student representative for the Rural Sociology Society.

Aleksey Reshetnikov* accepted a visiting assistant professor position at Bates College in Maine.

Sadie Ridgeway* was awarded a GPSA Dissertation Grant for her application titled, “Body Size, Weight Stigma and Discrimination, and Health and Well-being Among Youth”.

Michelle Weston* successfully defended her master’s thesis, “The Rural-Urban Divide in Environmental Concern: A Cross-National,” in April 2022.

Sandra Yokley* successfully defended a thesis proposal, titled “The Power of Politics – The Effect of Right Political Dominance on Variation in Jail Incarceration by County Urbanicity.”

Anna Zamora-Kapoor received funding from the Institute for Research and Education to Advance Community Health at WSU to hire a part-time research assistant and expand her research program on obesity and health disparities.

Anna Zamora-Kapoor has been awarded a three-year grant from the Alzheimer’s Association to study the association between obstructive sleep apnea, a common consequence of obesity, and cognitive performance in American Indians. Total direct costs: $150,000.

Anna Zamora-Kapoor has been selected to join the inaugural Intergroup Dialogue of Fellows at the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine.


Mari Amorim and Daniel Schneider coauthored “Schedule Unpredictability and High-Cost Debt Among Service Workers,” accepted for publication in Sociological Science.

Dylan Bugden authored “Denial and Distrust: Explaining the Partisan Climate Gap,” accepted for publication in Climatic Change.

Dylan Bugden authored “Technology, Decoupling, and Ecological Crisis: Examining Ecological Modernization Theory Through Patent Data,” accepted for publication in Environmental Sociology.

Marisa Cervantes* and Alana Inlow (Soc PhD, 2021) coauthored, “Navigating Challenges and Teaching Through Lived Experiences as Graduate Student Instructors,” accepted for publication in Teaching & Learning Inquiry.

Jennifer Randles and Jennifer Sherman coauthored “Diaper Despair and Deflecting Inequalities,” accepted for publication in Contexts.

Anna Zamora-Kapoor, Cassandra Nikolaus, Luciana Hebert, and Ka’imi Sinclair coauthored “Risk of food insecurity in young adulthood and longitudinal changes in cardiometabolic health: Evidence from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health,” accepted for publication in The Journal of Nutrition.


Mari Amorim and Meg Bea presented “Family Well-Being, Predatory Lending, and the American Social Safety Net” at the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM) 2021 meeting.

Mari Amorim, Adriana Reyes, and Sophia Yang presented “The Role of Multigenerational Arrangements in Shaping the Geographical Contexts of Children” at the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM) 2021 meeting.

Don Dillman presented an invited talk in December 2021 titled, “Adapting Push-to-Web Survey Designs for Use in Different Countries and Situations,” to an international symposium sponsored by an organization seeking to develop better survey designs in multiple countries throughout the world for evidence in making public policy decisions.

Anna Zamora-Kapoor presented her research on health disparities in obesity and cognitive impairment at the Annual Symposium of the Nutrition Obesity Research Center at the University of Washington in December 2021.

Other noteworthy accomplishments:

Mari Amorim’s recent publication was covered on “Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity” and on “Juneau Empire.”

Mari Amorim chaired the panel “Income Sources, Financial Decisions, and Family Well-being” at the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM) 2021 meeting.

Mari Amorim organized the session “Household Complexity and Family Well-being” at the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM) 2021 meeting.

Anna Zamora-Kapoor was interviewed by La Patrona 1680 AM in a podcast dedicated to answering questions about COVID-19. You can find the entire interview here.

Spring 2021 Department Annual Awards:

Bosco “Xavier” Aburto and Nicole Jewell received Outstanding Senior awards.

Steven Cassidy*, Marisa Cervantes*, Azdren Coma*, Christian Maynard*, Christie Miksys*, Morgan Montañez*, Kyle Rakowski* and Sadie Ridgeway* were awarded the Ann Madsen Depew Memorial Award.

Steven Cassidy*, Christie Miksys*, Morgan Montañez*, David Torres, Beau Watts, and Jasmine Willis were awarded the Herbert and Mary Neil Scholarship.

Samantha Castonguay*, Caleb Cooley*, and Jair Johnson* were awarded the Jeanne Jewett Scholarship.

Caleb Cooley*, Andrea De LaBarrera Montppellier* and Ish Green* were awarded the Susan and Sarah Dolan Memorial Scholarship.

Tinashe Chirume* was awarded the Gordon D. and Izola P. Morgan Graduate Fellowship.

Sarah Deming* and Andrea De LaBarrera Montppellier* were awarded the Paul and Bessie Landis Scholarship.

Sarah Deming* and Sadie Ridgeway* were awarded the Joe DeMartini Graduate Teaching Fellowship.

Thomas Familia*, Ish Green*, Shekinah Hoffman*, and Michelle Weston* were awarded the Fred R. Yoder Graduate Fellowship.

Xiaoqui Huang* was awarded the Graduate Student Fellowship.

Monica Kirkpatrick Johnson was awarded the 2022 Louis N. Gray Award.

Seon Yup Lee* was awarded the Don Dillman Fellowship.

Lucy Perry was awarded the Norman and Linda Baer Sociology Scholarship and the John Wardell Alumni Endowed Scholarship.

Lucinda Sieler was awarded the Marjorie Talbott Trip Scholarship.

Lucinda Sieler and Beau Watts were awarded the Roberta Cline Fraiser Anderson Scholarship.

Sandte Stanley* was awarded the M. Elaine Burgess Graduate Fellowship.

Beau Watts was awarded the Ruth Magnuson Roberts Scholarship.