Department accomplishments: Fall-Winter 2015-16

Departmental accomplishments in 2015


The professional impact of faculty and graduate students occurs in multiple ways, many of which we highlight below. This year, we are especially pleased that 17 students completed advanced degrees in sociology.

Nine individuals—Annika Anderson, Joseph Astorino, Sarah Blake, Katie Clemons, Andrew Crookston, Ardavan Davaran, Elizabeth Harris, Feng Hao, and Joseph Kremer—completed their doctoral degrees and are now working in a variety of positions throughout the United States. Those positions illustrate the diverse application of sociological skills, ranging from employment in university teaching positions to research and administrative work in social and human service agencies. We look forward to following their careers with much interest.

Eight other students completed the master of arts degree: Yikang Bai, Elyse Bean, Pierce Greenberg, Darcy Hauslik, Nathan Lindstedt, Jordan Reinhart, Heather Reyes, and Jarred Williams. Most are continuing their work toward a PhD.

Other departmental accomplishments are diverse, ranging from new grants to the wide variety of publications from highly theoretical to applied. As described in the introduction to this issue, major works edited by Alair MacLean and Monica Kirkpatrick Johnson just recently appeared in print. We also find of particular interest the translation into Arabic of Amy Wharton‘s book, The Sociology of Gender: An Introduction to Theory and Research, 2nd edition.

Many of the publications in this issue include coauthors who completed their MA and/or PhD in an earlier year. These individuals are identified with an asterisk, while all current graduate students and faculty are listed in bold type.

Awards, Events, and Workshops

Erik Johnson and Jennifer Schwartz received an Edward R. Meyer Project Grant for “Protecting Water, Air, Land, & Health: The Nature of Serious Environmental Crimes and Socio-legal Responses.” We are building a database of all federal criminal prosecutions of cases forwarded by the EPA (1983-2013). Data will be used to analyze changes in the working definition of environmental crime and to assess gender roles in crime groups.

Brice Darras was awarded the Anne and Russ Fuller Scholarship for Interdisciplinary Research from the Graduate School. The scholarship is for $4,000.

Pierce Greenberg received the WSU College of Arts and Sciences’ Boeing Graduate Fellowship in Environmental Studies ($3,000).

Clay Mosher received a $30,000 grant through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and Clark County Superior Court to evaluate Clark County’s Juvenile Recovery Court. He also received a $60,000 grant through the Washington State Partnership Council on Juvenile Justice and the Clark County Juvenile Court to examine racial and ethnic disparities in juvenile justice processing. Jennifer Schwartz will collaborate on the project.

Emily Huddart Kennedy was an invited participant in a workshop on Consumption and Social Change, hosted by the Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative (SCORAI) at the Tellus Institute, Boston, MA, in October.

Don Dillman gave an invited seminar to the Department of Statistics at Iowa State University in September. He also was an invited discussant for newly released Plans of the U.S. Census Bureau for conducting the 2020 Census at a National Academies Public Seminar in Washington, D.C., in October.

Katie Bittinger worked with the Social and Economic Sciences Research Center to conduct a needs assessment for Whitman County.

Recent Publications

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