Fall 2019 Issue

Front facing photo of Don Dillman sitting at a table and holding the text he authored, entitled, "Internet, Phone, Mail, and Mixed Mode Surveys: The Tailored Design Method."
Don Dillman, pictured with his book Internet, Phone, Mail, and Mixed Mode Surveys: The Tailored Design Method, celebrated 50 years as a WSU sociology faculty member this year.

Welcome to the 2019 Fall Issue of Sociology News!

In this issue, we congratulate Amy Wharton on her retirement after more than three decades as a WSU Sociology faculty member, and we hear from some of her former students and colleagues about her academic accomplishments and invaluable mentorship. We also include an interview with Amy as she reflects on her career and what retirement means for her.

In addition, we showcase the celebration for our beloved Don Dillman and his 50 years as a faculty member at WSU. A fellowship in support of dissertation research has been created in Don’s name by two of his former students, Leah Christian (PhD 2007) and Jolene Smith (PhD 2007). Find out more here soc.wsu.edu/Dillman-fellowship.

We also highlight the William Julius Wilson Symposium that took place earlier this fall and honored environmental justice advocate Robert D. Bullard.

Also, in this issue is an introduction to the 2019/2020 sociology graduate student cohort. We learn a bit about each of our new grad students and their thoughts on a spectrum of topics.

Finally, we introduce Thomas Rotolo as the new faculty co-editor of Sociology News and thank Don Dillman for his many years of service on this project, beginning with his efforts to found this publication.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any comments, questions, or ideas for future articles.

Thomas Rotolo and Alana Inlow, co-editors

Thomas Rotolo, rotolo@wsu.edu          Alana Inlow, alana.inlow@wsu.edu

 A photo of Tom Rotolo, faculty co-editor.                      Photo of Alana Inlow, graduate student co-editor.