Fall-Winter 2014-15

Photos from annual Sociology Department Fall Picnic, 2014.

Welcome to the Fall/Winter Issue of Sociology News for the 2014-2015 school year! The weather in Pullman is unseasonably warm, making it feel as though this edition of newsletter is a bit delayed. This issue marks a few key changes in our humble publication’s short history. First, we changed the online layout of the newsletter to a new WordPress format that is consistent with the rest of the university. The new design will fit seamlessly with the redesign of our departmental website—a long overdue update. Second, the newsletter welcomes new co-editor Pierce Greenberg, a former journalist and second-year graduate student in the department. Pierce hopes to use his journalistic experience to help Sociology News further its mission of keeping alumni, students, and other friends of the department informed.

This issue continues our focus on highlighting the activities and accomplishments of all those involved with the Sociology Department at WSU. We start by checking in with our department’s focus on environmental sociology and how a new group of faculty members are approaching society–environment relationships. This issue also features a profile on Professor Julie Kmec and how she designed a unique undergraduate research methods class with a hands-on approach. This year, Sociology News took a bit of a different approach to introducing our readers to first-year graduate students. (Hint: It involves virtual reality and drones.)

We were also able to catch up with three alumni from all corners of the country, who earned their doctorates from WSU between 2002 and 2005. We also highlight late faculty member Gene Rosa’s artistic side. A local gallery in Palouse, Wash., featured Rosa’s artwork last fall.

Sadly, three valuable members of the WSU Sociology family passed away since our last publication. Co-editor Don Dillman reflects on the lives and contributions of Louis Gray, Bill Catton, and Larry Salinger.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact co-editors Pierce Greenberg (pierce.greenberg@email.wsu.edu) and Don Dillman (dillman@wsu.edu).