Sociology Club keeps a busy schedule

Sociology Club keeps a busy schedule

The undergraduate Sociology Club has kept a busy schedule during the first half of this year. In addition to regular meetings, the group has organized fundraisers, movie-showings, and graduate school information sessions.

Dr. Sarah Whitley, who received her PhD from WSU in 2012, returned to campus this fall as an instructor and undergraduate advisor.

Sociology Club officers Kory Hardcastle and Norma Loranzo started the semester by advertising the club on the Terrell Mall in August.

Photo of Krispy Kreme Donut Fundraiser

Sociology Club members hosted a donut fundraiser in October that raised more than $300 for the Pullman Child Welfare Food Pantry.

Graduate students at the Sociology Club

Graduate students Jesse Mendiola, Adam Roth, Katie Bittinger, and Sadie Ridgeway visited the Sociology Club in November to discuss life in graduate school.

Sociology Club film screening and discussion during Poverty Awareness Week

The Sociology Club hosted a film screening and discussion as part of the Center for Civic Engagement’s Poverty Awareness Week. The film was titled “In Their Shoes” and was followed by a discussion with a representative from Alternatives to Violence on the Palouse.

Photo of Lisa McIntyre at Sociology Club

Lisa McIntyre, chair of the Department of Sociology, hosted a “meet and greet” with the Sociology Club in September.

This semester, the club has a number of activities scheduled, including participation in the Relay for Life, professional development opportunities, and inviting a guest speaker on current events.