Publications, Awards, and Other Accomplishments

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Adam is forward facing and softly smiling.
Adam Roth.

In this issue, we highlight a recent accomplishment of alumnus Adam Roth (PhD Soc, 2019). After receiving his PhD, Adam was a postdoctoral research fellow in the Sociology Department at Indiana University with a joint appointment at the Indiana University (IU) Network Science Institute. This year Adam began a tenure-track assistant professor position in the Sociology Department at Oklahoma State University.

Adam and two collaborators from IU received a $2.7 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to study cognitive aging and rural-urban disparities. With the support of the grant, they will gather data on older adults’ social relationships and in-the-moment assessments of their social activities, interactions, and places in which they engage those relationships.

In an article from OSU, Adam stated, “There is plenty of research suggesting that people with diverse and expansive social lives cognitively outperform people with limited social lives. We also know that rates of cognitive impairment are higher in rural areas than in urban areas. Yet it is unknown how much of these geographic disparities operate through social mechanisms. This grant will allow us to explore these mechanisms and identify areas to target for healthy cognitive aging in rural and urban areas.”

Congrats, Adam!

Faculty names are bolded; current graduate student names are bolded and followed by an asterisk (*).

Congratulations to:

Sam Castonguay* passed their area paper exam, “The Gendering and Radicalization of Workplace Expectations: Explanations and Impacts.”

Tinashe Chirume* passed his area paper exam, “Membership Retention and Disengagement in the Global South Social Movement Organizations.”

Justin Denney was appointed to the Advisory Board for a newly funded National Science Foundation grant “Project INSIGHT: Inclusion of Challenges from Social Isolation Governed by Human Behavior through Transformative Research in Epidemiological Modeling” at the University of Kansas.

Thomas Familia* passed his area paper exam, “Trust in the Context of Green Energy Transitions: Theoretical Perspectives and Research Needs.”

Julie Kmec was elected to the Board of Directors of the Washington State Academy of Sciences.

Julie Kmec’s project “Racialized Organizations and the Reproduction of Inequality: Assessing Support for Whiteness as a Credential and the Preservation of Racial Ignorance” was selected for the targeted population special competition of the Time-Sharing Experiments for the Social Sciences (TESS).

Aleksey Reshetnikov defended his dissertation “Smiling Faces, Supporting Places: A Spatial Exploration of Social Infrastructure and Social Support” in July 2022.

Anna is holding Ethan and kissing the side of his head.
Anna Zamora-Kapoor and her new baby, Ethan.

Jenn Sherman’s new book, Dividing Paradise: Rural Inequality and the Diminishing American Dream received the CHOICE Award for Outstanding Academic Title in 2022.

Michelle Weston* passed her area paper exam, “Where are the Movements?: Political Climate, Identities, Organizing, and Cyberactivism in Rural America.”

Anna Zamora-Kapoor, and husband, Vishal, with daughter, Eva, welcomed new baby, Ethan, on Halloween.


Sarah Deming* authored “In Every Decision I’m Making, I’m Thinking about My Son”: How Children Motivate and Constrain the Labor Force Participation of Mothers with Disabilities,” accepted for publication in Families in Society.

Justin Denney, with colleagues Greg Sharp (Dartmouth College) and Rachel Kimbro (Rice University), authored “Community Social Environments and Cigarette Smoking,” accepted for publication in Social Science & Medicine – Population Health.

Thomas Familia* and Christine Horne authored “Customer Trust in Their Utility Company and Interest in Household-level Battery Storage,” accepted for publication in Applied Energy.

Erik W. Johnson, Azdren Coma*, and Sam Castonguay* authored “The Presence of Climate and Justice Issues Among Major US Environmental Nonprofits,” accepted for publication in The Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly.

Julie Kmec, along with Leah Shepard and Teng lat Loi, authored “Too Tired to Lean In? Sleep Quality Impacts Women’s Daily Intentions to Pursue Workplace Status,” accepted for publication in Sex Roles.

Sandte Stanley* and Justin Denney, along with colleagues in the WSU College of Medicine, authored “Disparities in Years of Potential Life Lost among Racial and Ethnic Groups in Washington State,” accepted for publication in Archives of Public Health.

Sandte Stanley* and Justin Denney authored “All-cause Mortality Risk for Men and Women in the United States: The Role of Partner’s Education Relative to Own Education,” accepted for publication in Health Sociology Review.

Sadie Ridgeway* authored, “Body Size and Well-Being in Adolescents: The Roles of Bullying Victimization and Body image,” accepted for publication in Sociological Perspectives.

Anna Zamora-Kapoor, with colleagues Luciana Hebert, Lonnie Nelson, Dean Shibata, WT Longstreth, Barbara Howard, Dedra Buchwald, and Astrid Suchy-Dicey, authored “Body mass index, white matter hyperintensities, and cognitive performance in American Indians: data from the Strong Heart Study,” accepted for publication in the Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities. 

Anna Zamora-Kapoor, with colleagues Cassandra Nikolaus, Luciana Hebert, and Ka’imi Sinclair, authored “Association of food security with cardiometabolic health during young adulthood: Cross-sectional comparison of American Indian adults with other racial/ethnic groups,” accepted for publication in BMJ Open. 

 Anna Zamora-Kapoor, with colleagues Cassandra Nikolaus, Luciana Hebert, and Ka’imi Sinclair, authored “Gestational Diabetes and breastfeeding among women of different races/ethnicities: Evidence from the Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring Surveys,” accepted for publication in the Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities

The ASA session “Rural Sociology” featured three sociology PhD alumni. From left: Pierce Greenburg (PhD Soc 2018, Creighton University), Xiao Li (PhD Soc 2022), Jose Loya (UCLA), and Adam Roth (PhD Soc 2019, Indiana University).


Mari Amorim was a discussant for the session “Family Patterns and Population Change” at the 2022 American Sociological Association.

Sam Castonguay* presented a paper co-authored with Erik Johnson and Julie Kmec, “The Gendered Leadership of the Environmental Movement Organizations,” at the 2022 American Sociological Association Annual Meeting.

Don Dillman gave an invited presentation, “How the Changing Nature of Surveys May be Affecting Survey Climate and Trust” authored with Abbey Hammell (University of Minnesota), Katie Dentzman (Iowa State University), and Kenneth Wallen (University of Idaho), at the CIIP International Workshop on “Survey Climate and Trust in Scientific Surveys: Recent Developments and Controversial issues” sponsored by the Germany Academy of Sociology and Department of Social Sciences, University of Kassel in Kassel, Germany, October 4, 2022.

Don Dillman, with colleagues Abbey Hammell (University of Minnesota), Kenneth Wallen (University of Idaho), and Katherine Dentzman (Iowa State University) prepared a poster, “Considering Survey Frequency and Typology in the Modern Survey Landscape” for the Midwest Association for Public Opinion Research in Chicago, Illinois Nov 18-10, 2022.

Monica Kirkpatrick Johnson and Sadie Ridgeway* presented a paper, “Gender and Parental Financial Support in the Transition to Adulthood” at the American Sociological Association Annual Meeting.

Sadie Ridgeway* presented a paper, “The Weight of Stigma: Body Size, Weight Discrimination, and Health among Young Adults” at the American Sociological Association Annual Meeting.

The graduate students are seated around a large table in the conference room, and shown eating, talking, smiling, and laughing.
Graduate students at a Sociology Graduate Student Organization meeting in September.

Other Accomplishments:

Jenn Sherman appeared on NPR’s 1A! The podcast.

Alumni Accomplishments:

Yikang Bai (PhD 2021) started an appointment as a tenure-track assistant professor of Sociology at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland.

Xiao Li (PhD 2022) accepted a position as a tenure-track assistant professor of Sociology at Xiamen University in Xiamen, Fujian, China.