Spring/Summer 2015

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Debra Davidson
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Welcome to the Spring/Summer 2015 Issue of Sociology News. The new academic year is upon us, but first we’d like to take some time to reflect on some of the department happenings in the first half of the year. During this past academic year, seven MA and six PhD students received their sociology degrees and are moving on to life’s next challenges. In August, new graduate students from across the United States and China arrived to begin their studies, in addition to the numerous undergraduates who will find that sociology is a rewarding major.

This issue includes a number of articles that highlight WSU Sociology, past and present. We report on several significant events last year, including the second biennial EARThS conference, the annual departmental banquet, and an undergraduate sociology major who sprinted her way to the NCAA Track and Field Championships in June. This issue also highlights alumni from different eras who practice sociology in different work environments. We also remember Charles U. Smith and Ken Tremblay for their important contributions. Finally, the newsletter closes with a reminder that summer is much more than a vacation for our faculty and graduate students who have a full schedule of upcoming presentations at the annual American Sociological Association conference in Chicago and beyond.

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