In Memoriam: Clayton Mosher (1961-2022)

Clay Mosher.
Clay Mosher

Clay Mosher, a professor in the Department of Sociology on the WSU Vancouver campus, unexpectedly passed away in January. Our department and Clay’s many colleagues and friends are still recovering from this loss.

Clay was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, and earned his PhD from the University of Toronto. He arrived at WSU in the fall of 1995, when Marilyn Ihinger-Tallman was department chair and Charles Tittle was the editor of Criminology. His research interests focused primarily on crime/deviance, race, and drug policy. While Clay published many well-regarded articles and books, he always strived to have an impact beyond insulated university settings.

Clay was actively involved in policy development and discussions with community leaders. He had a keen sense of social justice and deeply held opinions (especially about those in power) that were often tinged with his characteristic wit and humor. In 2013, he received WSU’s Sahlin Faculty Excellence Award for Outreach and Engagement.

Clay was also an avid and accomplished golfer, taking several golf trips with friends each year, and he loved hanging out with many of those same friends in his local pub. A well-attended memorial was held in March at one of his favorite pubs in Vancouver, Washington. Clay will continue to be deeply missed by everyone.

You can read Clay’s obituary in the Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal.

A distance view of the pub with many people around the bar and chatting.
Clay’s friends and family at the pub memorial in Vancouver, WA.
Chocolate cupcakes with miniature Canadian flags.
Canadian-themed cupcakes in honor of Clay’s heritage.
Clay and David are smiling towards the camera.
Clay (right) with David Tindall (University of British Columbia)